Succeeding in Yorkshire

Yorkshire Insider

As one of Europe’s most vibrant and fastest growing business centres, Yorkshire and Humber welcomes and nurtures business from across the globe.

World class business is drawn to the region by our strong, stable economy and commitment to world trade, making this the best place in Europe to do business. The diversity of the cities that make up the region combine distinctive commercial environments that embrace every sector of modern commerce.

Our world renowned industrial and manufacturing heritage means an extensive skills base amongst a highly flexible workforce of 2 million people, with regional employment growing at more than double the UK average since 1998.

Yorkshire and Humber’s reputation as a champion of innovation sets us apart from other regions and this mindset is crucial in growing many of the businesses based here and reinforcing their competitive advantage.

A great emphasis is placed on the promotion of effective collaboration with industry, which is combined with outstanding excellence in teaching and research. This has resulted in co-operative alliances, research and technology transfers, and the creation of the region’s Science parks and business incubators offering support to businesses across the board.

The region’s well established transport infrastructure is an essential driver of economic activity and our strategic location at the UK’s geographical centre ensures over 25 million customers can be reached within just 2 hours.

Our dedication to modern business growth has ensured that Yorkshire is one of just three UK regions to achieve 100% broadband enablement, a factor that has drawn investment from major service providers such as BT, 02, Telewest and Cable & Wireless.

The region is a major champion of Global Partnership Schemes, which aim to help overseas companies tap into the expertise of our businesses and universities. This route is fast becoming an alternative path to market for both foreign and local companies and generates new growth opportunities that are attracting high level investors from across the world.

In addition to all of this, Yorkshire and Humber offers some of the best financial packages for businesses anywhere in Europe. When you combine these incentives with the UK’s business friendly tax regime you get one of the strongest advantages to investing in the region.

But as well as being a great place to do business, the region is also a diverse and exciting place to live. The key to our unrivalled quality of life is a blend of cultural and geographical diversity. Over 1,000 sq miles of breathtaking history-filled national parkland on the doorstep of thriving commercial areas and some of the best shopping in the UK, help make up this unique region.

Add to all of this the region’s internationally vibrant community, and a cost of living that is 40% lower than the national average, and you can understand why Yorkshire and Humber is a highly attractive location for international business people.