Healthcare Technologies

The Yorkshire and Humber region boasts one of the UK’s highest concentrations of medical device and orthopaedics companies in the UK with its 300 existing Healthcare Technologies growing at 4 times faster than the national trend!

Other reasons why healthcare technologies are investing in the Yorkshire and Humber region include:
•Europe’s largest cancer treatment facility under development
•10% of the UK’s 52,000 graduates and post graduates produced each year
•Over 10,000 employees with the healthcare technologies industry
•Established global manufacturers in advanced wound care products

With two of Europe’s largest teaching hospitals and four teaching hospital trusts it’s no wonder the region produces over 3,000 medical and dentistry graduates each year.

Within the UK, Yorkshire and Humber is at the forefront of the latest advances in healthcare making it one of the most important regions for the healthcare industry in Europe.

The region is at the forefront of a global market which is driven by:
•Growing consumer and patient demand for innovative medical products
•Technological innovation in medical products and services
•Changing global demographics
•Growing wealth of many economies and a greater spend on healthcare
•A strict, yet varied, regulatory and legislative environment

Industry Support

A region offers fantastic industry support to the medical technologies industry and healthcare services.

Facts & Figures

With over 300 companies Yorkshire and Humber is one of the most important regions for medical technology in the UK.

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