Food & Drink Industry

Yorkshire and Humber is Europe’s food capital, with the largest concentration of food and drink businesses in the UK.

We generate 12.5% of the UK’s total food and drink manufacturing with an economy that is growing three times faster than the national average.

We also have:
•An ethnic food sector that is growing at 15% a year
•A speciality foods sector that is growing at 35% a year
•Europe’s first Centre of Food Robotics and Automation
•60% of the UK’s fish processing output

With over 200,000 people employed across agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, the Yorkshire and Humber region offers you a large pool of skilled food and drink workers.

Combine this with the 19% of England’s Nutrition graduates and 17% of its Food and Beverage graduates and you can see why businesses thrive in Yorkshire and Humber.

We spend more on food and drink R&D than any other region in the UK. Maybe that’s why such institutions as The Proctor Department of Food Science at Leeds University are consistently rated as five stars, the highest rating for excellence in research.

This culture of research is complemented by essential business needs including:
•The UK’s largest port facilities
•The European Centre for Automatic Identification and Data Capture
•The Design Futures Centre of Industrial Collaboration
•The Art and Design Research Centre

Sheffield Hallam University’ is a leader in research in this sector. Their innovative work through the Food Innovation programme delivers inter-disciplinary research and consultancy experts from across the university into the food and drink sector. The needs of businesses, particularly SMEs, are the main focus of the programme.  To meet these needs the programme brings together experts from many different disciplines to deliver innovative solutions for business.

Industry Support

With such a large and well established industry

Skilled Workforce

With over 200,000 employed in food and drink wholesale, retail, agriculture and manufacturing, the region provides a great opportunity to investors.

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