Financial & Professional Services

With one of the largest financial, legal and business services hubs in the UK, Yorkshire and Humber is a thriving destination for the world’s leading players in the industry.

13% of the UK’s legal services workforce and the UK’s leading city for telephone-delivered banking are already situated here, offering you an opportunity to establish practices in fast expanding sectors within beautiful rural settings and cosmopolitan urban centres.

‘Leeds is England’s number one centre for financial services outside of London’
Lord Mayor of the City of London

We could wax lyrical about the many reasons why the Yorkshire and Humber region offers you the opportunity for highly beneficial returns on investment, but we know that you’d rather see the facts for yourself.
•A wealth of skills and expertise in financial and professional services
•Specialised initiatives to stimulate and sustain business growth
•Leeds is home to 30 national and international banks and the largest concentration of call centres in the UK
•Leeds also has the largest and strongest law centre outside of London
•The Big Four accountancy and professional service firms all have a presence in the area
•Yorkshire and Humber is home to over 1,700 legal firms
•The Bank of England operates its only note issuing centre outside of London in the region

Skilled Workforce

Across the region, the combined banking, insurance, financial and business services sector employs around 350,000 people.

Facts & Figures

With the largest concentration of financial, legal and professional services outside London here are the facts about the region.

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