Environmental Technologies

Yorkshire and Humber is at the cutting edge of the UK’s clean technologies sector.

We offer investment opportunities around the development of new solutions in energy and recycling that avoid compromising global natural resources.
With over 17% of the UK’s entire electricity production coming from the region we are proud of our world-renowned track record in energy production, process industries and precision engineering. But it’s our green credentials that make us stand out from the rest:
•UK’s only incubator focused exclusively on clean energy economy products and services
•Soon to be home to the world’s largest power station
•The two largest glass recyclers in the country
•The potential for enough wind power generation to provide power to the residents of an area the same size as Nice, Minneapolis or Luxembourg
•Home of the National Non-Food Crops Centre (NNFC) – A leading European centre of research in the field of alternative fuels

We are the only UK region with a Regional Development Agency that has committed to a target of lowering greenhouse gas emissions (5m tonnes reduction in 3 years).

We also support the development of environmental technologies to enable both the growth of the industry in the region and to help ensure that the region has a sustainable future.

Investment in this sector is focused on:
•Renewable energy – Biofuels, wind power & fuel cells
•Waste management, recycling and recovery – Glass reprocessing & recycling
•Water and waste water treatment

Industry Support

With a high number of Centres of Industrial Collaboration and world renowned R&D, the region is ideally suited to support environmental industries.

Facts & Figures

The Region’s Environmental Technologies industry is strong, well established and diverse and is helping secure the UK’s position in this global market.

Thought Leadership