Creative & Digital Industries

As the fastest growing digital sector in the UK outside of London, the Yorkshire and Humber region is recognised as the leading centre of excellence in the creative and digital industries.

The electronics, ICT and media companies based in the region, and that’s over 13,000 of them, enjoy an entirely regional digital network with the ability to connect to fibre optic networks with Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN). This provides international access to voice, video, and data services with unparalleled capacity.

As the first of its kind in the UK, Yorkshire and Humber’s Digital Region Project is already being recognised as a project of national and international significance.

The region offers access to over 52,000 graduates and postgraduates each year and 9% of the UK’s total electronics graduates. Combine this with considerably lower living costs than London, and it’s easy to see why many workers choose companies in our region over the capital.

With over 100,000 people already employed in this sector and over 12% of the total UK’s games employment, the region has a great resource of skilled workers, which is of obvious benefits for business investors.

The region boasts nine world-class universities, one of the largest concentrations in Europe, and includes the UK’s most popular (Leeds University) and four in the top 500 global universities (Sheffield, Leeds, York and Bradford Universities).

Research spending in our three ‘White Rose Universities’ (Leeds, Sheffield and York) is comparable to Oxford or Cambridge.

Industry Support

There is a wide ranging and well established support network for the region\\

Skilled Workforce

Investors in the region have access to an existing workforce of over 100,000 people employed in the Creative and Digital Sector.

Facts & Figures

Learn the facts and figures about the UK’s fastest growing digital sector outside of London.

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