Chemicals Industry

The Yorkshire and Humber region has a well established chemical industry worth over £8 billion annually.

With significant fuel and chemical feedstocks imported into the region and major industrial and academic supply chains to support and develop the region’s diverse chemicals industry, Yorkshire and Humber is an undisputed solid investment proposition for chemicals companies.

Of course, it’s not just the fact that the region’s existing chemical industry is responsible for 10% of the UK’s entire chemical output that draws ambitious business investment. Nor is it the 350 chemical companies employing 24,000 direct workers, although that’s obviously a bonus.

But when you add to this the fact that we spend more on R&D than any other region, supporting world-class centres of expertise like the UK’s only school of Colour Chemistry and the National Logistics Institute, it’s easy to see why investors choose Yorkshire and Humber for there businesses.

Unique skills training facilities, world leading R&D and a major ports complex capable of handling cape sized vessels, with adjacent development land, all combine in the region to offer fantastic opportunities for growth.

Industry Support
The chemicals industries, new and old, that are situated in the Yorkshire and Humber region enjoy a well established support network.

Skilled Workforce
A long tradition of chemicals-related manufacture means that the region has a highly skilled workforce geared to the particular needs of the industry

Facts & Figures
Important facts and figures on the chemical industries that benefit from Yorkshire and Humber´s rich heritage in this sector.