Advanced Engineering & Materials Industry

Home to one of the UK’s largest manufacturing centres, the Yorkshire and Humber region enjoys its reputation as a leader in Europe’s advanced engineering industry.

As well as traditional heavy engineering, our companies rely on high technology knowledge based markets with strong links to vertical and horizontal supply chains.

By locating to Yorkshire, businesses are not only able to exploit our rich engineering heritage but can also benefit from the following business advantages:
•Supply chains including transport and vehicle manufacture
•Some of the UK’s best freight links to Europe
•A climate of R&D focused on business growth
•An existing AEM sector encompassing defence aerospace, automotive and applications including medical, oil and gas

With strong traditions in manufacturing and heavy engineering, Yorkshire and Humber is home to 5,739 AEM companies, generating over £4.9bn a year and employing a workforce of 121,300.

The region is a centre for high value, high technology businesses including the internationally renowned Cti, TWI and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre ‘ a partnership between the University of Sheffield and Boeing ‘ all helping drive innovation and competitiveness.

Industry Support

There is unrivalled support to a diverse spectrum of engineering and materials investors offered throughout the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Skilled Workforce

Yorkshire and Humber has a long-standing tradition of globally-renowned engineering excellence and offers a solid supply of skilled and flexible labour.

Facts & Figures

Let the numbers speak for themselves as we give you the key facts and figures on one of the UK’s largest and oldest manufacturing centres.

Thought Leadership