Sheffield is ‘leader’ in information systems security

Sheffield Hallam University has been named a leader in information systems security after receiving a series of coveted endorsements.

The university’s MSc in Information Systems Security is endorsed by the British Standards Institute and has also now been given the seal off approval from the SANS Institute – the largest source in the world for information security training, certification and research.

Senior lecturer Almerindo Graziano from Sheffield Hallam, who is also responsible for delivering the MSc course, gave a presentation at the annual SANS event, where Sheffield Hallam was commended.

At the event the top 20 industry and academic guests are invited to meet, and here they can network as well as discuss potential threats that organisations in the information security sector face.

Mr Graziano said that he was “very pleased” at how delegates received his presentation.

He added: “This endorsement is a great honour for us as it means that Sheffield Hallam is the only university in the world to provide accredited SANS course content.

“Not only that, our MSc students will benefit from BSI and SANS course modules that if taken in isolation would cost £1,800 each.”

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