Leeds and Sheffield join for ‘economic masterplan’

Leeds and Sheffield have joined forces as part of a masterplan launched by the steel city today.

The plan will focus on the two Yorkshire cities working together, along with Manchester, to form a “northern economic growth pool” to rival that of London, the south-east of England and Europe.

Under the “Sheffield Economic Masterplan” steps will be taken to improve transport and business connectivity between the three cities.

Councillor Andrew Carter, leader of Leeds city council said that he welcomed the progress being made by Sheffield in reviving its economy and hoped the three “great cities” could work together for their mutual benefit.

“We understand that there are issues where it makes good economic sense to work pan-regionally and a common agenda for work is being developed between the three cities to significantly develop the north’s metropolitan core,” Mr Carter explained.

He added: “However, it is now acknowledged that joint working will help ensure that the contribution of the combined economies to bridging the £29 billion economic gap in the north is maximised.”

The Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield city regions have a combined population of over seven million people and an economy worth £120 billion.

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